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Classic PC Games

Take a step back in time and revisit your favorite DOS and Windows games. The files available in this collection consist primarily of PC demos, freeware, and shareware. These files are the original releases which will require intermediate to advanced knowledge to install and run on modern operating systems. If you would rather simply try some classic MS-DOS games inside your browser you may wish to try the online MS-DOS Software Library. New games are added to this collection on a weekly basis.

Specific news regarding major updates can be found on our website Demu.

If you are the copyright holder of a classic computer game and would like the full version of your work to appear in the archive please e-mail me at I'm also more than happy to answer questions and fill requests.

Compatibility Information
The majority of these games will not run correctly on modern operating systems. For DOS titles you will need to use DOSBox. You can find an easy to follow DOSBox tutorial here.

Most Windows titles will need to be run through Windows Virtual PC under the appropriate version of Windows for full functionality. Some titles may *mostly* work by simply configuring them to use a compatibility mode.

If you are running Linux, BSD, Solaris or Mac OS X, Wine will run most of the older Windows based software (and DOSBox).

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Classic PC Games
by Ignacio Perez Gil
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This is the remake of a popular Spanish 8-bit game (which was rather unknown outside of Spain). You play the role of Humphrey an alien superstar who wants to settle down in his brand new mansion. But unfortunately he has to recognize that all the rooms of the mansion are painted in the wrong colour and the whole place was overrun by his fans. So he grabs a bucket of paint and a paintbrush and starts to get the things right... The game is incredible hard because of the sudden movements of the...
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